Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

The Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (CACHE) at American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) advances a scientific understanding of the past through remote sensing, geophysics, and traditional archaeological investigation for the preservation of Iraq's oldest ancient sites.

CACHE promotes scientific knowledge about cultural heritage in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region as a safeguard against indiscriminate destruction and neglect. CACHE is not a typical archaeology center; it believes that culture is a means for mutual understanding and science is a means for enhancing community protection.

The center's projects seek new understanding of the world's oldest inter-faith sanctuaries, like the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ashur, which was targeted by ISIS militants because it represents a different vision of Iraq -- one of pluralism. CACHE promotes a more tolerant legacy of the past through an appreciation of shared heritage, and science helps create safe spaces for fostering mutual understanding.

CACHE has partnered with European scientists to use new technology that can save time, money, and lives in the removal of explosive hazards from ancient heritage sites like Ashur to promote safer conditions for continued research and preservation efforts.