AUIS Scholarship Gifts

Student scholarships open doors and create opportunities for men and women who will go on to pioneer new businesses, rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure, propose innovative solutions to address society's problems, inspire students in the classroom, and serve their communities. Scholarships can support students from refugee communities and other disadvantaged groups, or students with amazing talents. Scholarships also represent an investment in Iraq and the Kurdistan region that ensures students have the skills for professional and national leadership.

A gift of $200,000 will establish an endowed scholarship that provides tuition support for AUIS students in perpetuity. All gifts that are made to establish an endowment are fully invested. Only a portion of the money that the endowed fund earns is used to support the scholarship student. Unspent investment returns are added to the principal, allowing the size of the endowed fund to grow over time.

For a gift of $10,000 a year for four years, you can establish a current scholarship that provides full tuition and campus housing support for an AUIS student from matriculation through graduation

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